Bringing together artists from Iran, Palestine & the UK, Aviatrix takes a microscope to the now fragmented landscape that pioneering aviator Amy Johnson saw from above.

Present day: A Palestinian actor, Hadi, boards a plane to London to perform in a theatrical production commemorating the life of British aviator, Amy Johnson, and her record breaking solo flight from the UK to Australia. Whilst mid-flight the British government impose a ban on citizens of Muslim majority countries entering the UK, and Hadi is on the list.

1930: Amy Johnson is forced to land her plane in a sandstorm and is found by Iraqi engineer Muhammad Al-Baghdadi.

From the confines of his detention cell Hadi begins rehearsing his scenes as a distraction. Jasminder, the immigration officer in charge of his case, watches him through the glass of a one-way mirror trying to ascertain whether he is a legitimate threat. As Hadi flits between the 1930s and invasive airport security checks in the present, an uncomfortable parallel starts to emerge between the two worlds; but in one he has agency, and the other he does not.

Performed in English & Arabic with a nerve shaking soundtrack produced by Iranian experimental electronic duo 9T Antiope.

This show was inspired by actual events; in 2016 Olivia Furber was commissioned to create a piece for the Amy Johnson Festival. Almost all the artists involved were denied entry to the UK.

Creative Team

Director: Olivia Furber

Writer: Olivia Furber

Dramaturge: Jo Tyabji

Video designer: Hannah Mason

Composers: 9T Antiope

Cast: Komal Amin, Ramzi Maqdisi, Mo'min Swaitat, Paul Hamilton, Annice Boporai

Aviatrix has been developed with the generous support of Arts Council England, British Council, Ensemble 52 & Theatre Delicatessen.

Performed at the Amy Johnson Festival & Theatre de Ménilmontant in 2017 with further R&D at The Palestinian National Theatre, Theatre Delicatessen & The Albany in 2018