Collision & Conflict is a geolocated sound walk through the Northumberland landscape.

Using ECHOES: an interactive GPS - triggered sounds app, you follow a 2.5hr plotted sound walk along Hadrian's wall triggering artistic responses, connected to specific locations on the route; these sound responses make up an immersive geolocative experience that you can enjoy through your headphones.

My work All Walls Must Fall transports listeners to 3 conflicted landscapes in which we hear the accounts of inhabitants whose lives have been divided by a wall. The walls in each of these cities are all in different stages of their existence; One of them stands, one of them has fallen and the other continues to grow.


Written and Directed by: Olivia Furber

Dramaturgy: Ramzi Maqdisi

Sound design: Ross Flight

Voice overs: Nisreen Faour & Christopher Sherwood