Dough! explores how life can be filled with colour and beauty when we step outside the beige world we know.

Franky works in a cardboard box factory. Everyday seems the same until she’s asked to deliver to an unfamiliar place. Everything tastes, smells and feels different there.

There she discovers Azad, a baker who shows her how fantastic things can be done with ordinary stuff. And what could be more ordinary than the dough that makes the every day staples that remind us of home.


Director: Olivia Furber

Writer: Olivia Furber

Cast: Eleanor Young, Omar Khan

Music: Sarah Yaseen

Set Design: Chloë Oldridge

Produced by: Creative Scene

Supported by Arts Council England

Dough! toured nationally in 2016 to venues including Warwick Arts Centre, ARC Stockton and Canada Water Culture Space