The Land's Heart is Greater Than It's Map


There is a far away city which cannot be named. Its people are silenced and its landscape is disappearing.

In this distant city, daily life is stranger than fiction: you can see the sea but are forbidden to touch it, being honest is illegal and those with ancestral connections to the city are forbidden to enter it.

Propelled by a need to tell the city’s story before it is forever forgotten, a resident records the stories behind his favourite places.

This alternative guided tour allows you to wander through the streets of his hometown. Your journey to this distant city will take place within the streets of London and requires only comfortable shoes and an open imagination.


Direction: Olivia Furber & Ramzi Maqdisi

Text: Olivia Furber & Ramzi Maqdisi

Music: 9T Antiope

Sound recordist: Angus Kemp

Voice: Tony Bell

Created with the support of Meta Theater, Villa Waldberta, HeadsUp Festival, Ensemble 52, British Council, Hoch X and the Blast Theory residency programme.

29th April - 1st May at GIFT, Gateshead

4th - 8th May at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

14th - 22nd May at Mayfest, Bristol

25th - 29th May at Southstreet Arts, Reading

8th - 12th June at HOME, Manchester

13th - 17th July at the Offbeat Festival, Oxford Playhouse

31st August - 4th September at the Freedom Festival, Hull